初一英语好句摘抄 初一150句英语好句

Be sure you"re right ,then go ahead . 确信你是正确的 ,就勇往直前。
Being able to dream is the first step on every road to succuss.
A word spoken is past recalling.
A wise man never loses anything if he has himself
He that climbs a ladder must begin at the first step
Be strict with oneself and lenient towards others
Imagination is not to be divorced from the facts .
Haste makes waste 拔苗助长
Failure is the mother of success.
Man can conquer nature.
Destruction pursues the great
There was no conceit on the part of the winner and the loser was never in low spirits.
From words to deeds is a great space.

Every man is the master of his own fortune.
A good beginning is half done.
All that ends well is well.
A good beginning is half done.

Better late than never.

A friend without faults will never be found.
Kill two birds with one stone. 一箭双雕;一举两得。
All things are difficult before they are easy. 万事开头难。
Nothing is impossible for a willing heart.

熟能生巧。Practice makes perfect
言出必行 So said ,so done.

物以类聚。Birds of a feather flock together.

物极必反。Extremes meet.

Time is life and when the idle man kills time, he kills himself.
In the country of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.

Never put off till tomorrow what may be done today.

All for one, one for all.
----[法] Dumas pére大仲马
A fall into a pit, a gain in your wit.

Accidents will happen. 天有不测风云。
A close mouth catches no flies.

Take time by the forelock.
Birds in their little nests agree. 同巢之鸟心儿齐。

Actions speak louder than words. 事实胜于雄辩
Living without an aim is like sailing without a compass.
生活而无目标,犹如航海之无指南针。—— J. Ruskin 鲁斯金

Easy come, easy go.
易得者亦易失。 —— Hazlitt赫斯特

Time is money.
时间就是金钱。—— Benjamin Franklin富兰克林

The darkest hour is that before the dawn.
黎明前的时分是最黑暗的。—— Fuller 富勒
A wolf in sheep"s clothing 披着羊皮的狼, 口蜜腹剑的人
入乡随俗,When in Rome,do as the Romans do.

A burnt child dreads the fire. 一朝被蛇咬,十年怕井绳。

After rain comes the sunshine.

A thing of beauty is a joy for ever. 美好的事物永远是一种快乐。

All things are difficult before they are easy.


A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

A man can not spin and reel at the same time.
take it easy 凡事看开些, 不要太冲动, 不要看得那么重

Rome is not built in a day.
a man becomes learned by asking questions.

Curses, like chickens, come home to roost.

Admonish your friends in private, praise them in public. 在私底下要忠告你的朋友,在公开场合又表扬你的朋友。

every man has his weak side.

every advantage has its disadvantage.

Let the hands get busy, not the mouth. 手要勤劳,嘴莫多说。

He laughs best who laughs last.

Better to do well than to say well. 嘴勤不如手勤。

Great hopes make great man.
Children are what the mothers are.

Diamond cuts diamond.

Promise is debt.

Two wrongs do not make a right.

1. 关于…人们有不同的观点。一些人认为……
There are different opinions among people as to ____. Some people suggest that ____.
2. 俗话说(常言道)…,它是我们前辈的经历,但是,即使在今天,它在许多场合仍然适用。There is an old saying______.
It is the experience of our forefathers,however,it is correct in many cases even today.
3. 现在,…,它们给我们的日常生活带来了许多危害。首先,……;其次,……。更为糟糕的是……。
Today, ____, which have brought a lot of harms in our daily life. First, ____ Second, ____. What makes things worse is that______.
4. 现在,…很普遍,许多人喜欢…,因为…,另外(而且)…。
Nowadays,it is common to ______. Many people like ______ because ______. Besides,______.
5. 任何事物都是有两面性,……也不例外。它既有有利的一面,也有不利的一面。
Everything has two sides and ______ is not an exception,it has both advantages and disadvantages.
6. 关于…人们的观点各不相同,一些人认为(说)…,在他们看来,… 的
People’s opinions about ______ vary from person to person. Some people say that ______. To them,_____.
7. 人类正面临着一个严重的问题…,这个问题变得越来越严重。
Man is now facing a big problem ______, which is becoming more and more serious.
8. ……已成为人的关注的热门话题,特别是在年青人当中,将引发激烈的辩论。
______ has become a hot topic among people,especially among the young and heated debates are right on their way.
9. ……在我们的日常生活中起着越来越重要的作用,它给我们带来了许多好处,但同时也引发一些严重的问题。
______ has been playing an increasingly important role in our day-to-day life. it has brought us a lot of benefits but has created some serious problems as well.
10. 根据图表/数字/统计数字/表格中的百分比/图表/条形图/成形图可以看出…。然而,很显然……,但是为什么呢?
According to the figure/number/statistics/percentages in the /chart/bar graph/line/graph,it can be seen that______ while, Obviously,______,but why?
11. "Why do _______?" Many people often ask questions like this.
1. 相反,有一些人赞成…,他们相信…,而且,他们认为…。
On the contrary,there are some people in favor of ___.At the same time,they say____.
2. 但是,我认为这不是解决…的好方法,比如…。最糟糕的是……。
But I don’t think it is a very good way to solve ____.For example,____.Worst of all,___.
3. ……对我们国家的发展和建设是必不可少的,(也是)非常重要的。首先,……。而且……,最重要的是……
______is necessary and important to our countries development and construction. First,______.What’s more, _____. Most important of all, ______.
4. 有几个可供我们采纳的方法。首先,我们可以……。
There are several measures for us to adopt. First, we can______
5. 面临…,我们应该采取一系列行之有效的方法来…。一方面……,另一方面,
Confronted with______,we should take a series of effective measures to______. For one thing,______For another,______
6. 早就应该拿出行动了。比如说……,另外……。所有这些方法肯定会……。
It is high time that something was done about it. For example, _____.In addition. _____.All these measures will certainly______.
7. 为什么…? 第一个原因是……;第二个原因是……;第三个原因是……。总的来说,……的主要原因是由于……
Why______? The first reason is that ______.The second reason is ______.The third is ______.For all this, the main cause of ______due to ______.
8. 然而,正如任何事物都有好坏两个方面一样,…也有它的不利的一面,象…。
However, just like everything has both its good and bad sides, ______also has its own disadvantages, such as ______.
9. 尽管如此,我相信…更有利。
Nonetheless, I believe that ______is more advantageous.
10. 完全同意…这种观点(陈述),主要理由如下:
I fully agree with the statement that ______ because______.
11. But there are still many people who don"t agree. They argue that _______.
12. Different people hold different attitudes toward _______. When faced with it, some can _______. Others, however, _______.
(三) 结尾句
1. In conclusion, I believe that ________. We can _______only if _______, just as a proverb says________.
2. As far as I am concerned, I agree with the latter opinion to some extent. I think that _______.
3. In a word, the whole society should pay close attention to the problem of ______. Only in this way can _______ in the future.
4. As a popular saying goes, _______. In my opinion, what really counts is not ______, but ______. I believe that as long as ________, we will _______. So I am of the opinion that _______.
5.People are coming to realize the importance of _______. They have begun to try their best to _______. We believe that ________.
6.All in all, we cannot live without _______. But at the same time, we must try to find out new ways to cope with the problems that would arise.
7.Whatever you do, please remember the saying --- _______. If you understand it and apply it to your study or work, you"ll definitely benefit a lot from it.
8.From what has been discussed above, we may reasonably arrive at the conclusion that _______.
9.My own point of view is that ______ is a normal behavior in our society. There is no doubt that _______. As an old saying goes, ________.
10. Taking into account all of these factors, we may reach the conclusion that _______.

初一英语好句摘抄 初一150句英语好句


1. The sting of a reproach is the truth of it. 指责带给你刺痛,正是它的忠实之处。
2. He that does what he should not, shall feel what he would not. 若做了不应该做的事,则将产生自己所不希望有的感觉。
3. All mankind are beholden to him that is kind to the good. 行善者,人人铭记之。
4. It’s the easiest thing in the world for a man to deceive himself. 自欺是世上最易之事。
5. It’s easier to prevent bad habits than to break them. 防止染上恶习远比消除恶习容易。
6. How few there are who have courage enough to own their faults. or resolution enough to mend them! 承认并改正错误,需要有足够的勇气和决心。
7. Trick and treachery are the practice if fools;they have not wit enough to be honest. 傻瓜习惯于诡计和背判的伎俩,他们还没聪明到学会真诚待人
8. Let our fathers and grandfathers be &#118alued for their goodness, ourselves for our own. 让父亲和祖辈因他们的善行受到尊重,让我们因我们自己的善行受到尊重。
9. Thirst after desert, not reward. 渴求美德而非奖赏。
10. If thou injure conscience, it will have its revenge on thee. 伤害良心,将受到良心的严惩。
11. None but the well-bred man knows how to confess a fault, or acknowledge himself in an error. 唯有有教养者方知如何承认错误,或意识到自己行为。
12. If you do what you should not, you must hear what you would not. 若做了不应做之事,则必然会听见不愿听之语。
13. An honest man will receive neither money nor praise; that is not his due. 正直的人既不收受他人的钱财,也不接受他人的奉承,这些都不是他应得的。
14. The honest man takes pains, and then enjoys pleasure. 正直的人先经历痛苦,然后享受欢乐。
15. Virtue and happiness are mother and daughter. 美德和幸福犹如母女。
16. A bad workman always blames his tools. 拙匠总怪工具差。
17.Sloth turneth the edge of wit.懒散能磨去才智的锋芒。
18.A bad beginning makes a bad ending.不善始者不善终。
19.Knowledge is a comfortable and necessary retreat and shelter for us in an advanced age; and if we do not plant it when young, it will give us no shade when we grow old. 学识可使老年时舒适地退隐和有所寄托;但如果年青时不使它扎下根,老年就得不到它的庇护。
20.Life is a pure flame, and we live by an invisible sun within us.生命是一束纯净的火焰,我们依靠自己内心看不见的太阳而存在。
21. A friend exaggerates a man´s virtue, an enemy his crimes.朋友宣扬人的美德,敌人夸大人的罪过。
22. Admonish your friends in private, praise them in public.在私底下要忠告你的朋友,在公开场合又表扬你的朋友。
23. A bad compromise is better than a good lawsuit.吃亏的和解也比胜诉强。
24. Virtue never grows old. 美德永远不会过时。
25.Every man is the architect of his own fortune. 每一个人都是自身幸福的建筑师。
26.A lazy youth,a lousy age. 少时懒惰老来苦。
27. Learning makes a good man better and ill man worse. 知识能使好人更好,坏人更坏。
28. There needs a long apprenticeship to understand the mystery of the world’s trade. 要知世事奥秘多,须要长期作学徒。
29. Patience and application will carry us through. 忍耐和专心会使我们度过难关。
30. A good healthy body is worth more a crown in gold.健康的身体贵於黄金铸成的皇冠。


、A contented mind is the greatest blessing a man can enjoy in this world.
——Joseph Addison(美国作家艾迪生)
2、If you would know the value of money, go and try to borrow some.
——Benjamin Franklin(美国总统富兰克林)
3、If you wish to succeed, you should use persistence as your good friend,
experience as your reference, prudence as your brother and hope as your sentry.
——Thomas Edison(美国发明家爱迪生)
4、Health is certainly more valuable than money,
because it is by health that money is procured.
——Samuel Johnson(英国作家约翰逊)
5、That man is the richest whose pleasure are the cheapest.
——Henry David Thoreau(美国作家梭罗)
6、Sometimes one pays most for the things one gets for nothing.
——Albert Einstein(美国科学家爱因斯坦)
7、Will, work and wait are the pyramidal cornerstones for success.
——Louis Pasteur(法国化学家巴斯勒)
8、All the splendor in the world is not worth a good friend.
9、There is a great different between exposure of
the mind and that of the body.
——William Hazlitt(英国批评家散文家哈滋里特)
10、To travel hopefully is a better thing than to arrive,
and the true success is to labor.
——Robert Louis Stevenson(英国作家史蒂文森)
11、The greater a man is, the more distasteful is praise and flattery to him.
——John Burroughs(美国博物学家巴勒斯)
12、I might say that success is won by three things:
first, effort; second, more effort; third, still more effort.
——Thomas Hardy(英国诗人小说家哈代)
13、Success often depends upon knowing how long it will take to succeed.
——Charles Montesquieu(法国思想家孟德斯鸠)
14、Only those who have the patience to do simple things
perfectly ever acquire the skill to do difficult things easily.
——Friedrich Schiller(德国剧作家诗人席勒)
15、You have to believe in yourself. That"s the secret of success.
——Charles Chaplin(美国演员卓别林)
16、A man can succeed at almost anything for which
he has unlimited enthusiasm.
——C. M. Schwab(美国实业家施瓦布)
17、The man who has made up his mind to win will never say “impossible”.
——Bonapart Napoleon(法国皇帝拿破仑)
18、Progress is the activity of today and the assurance of tomorrow.
20、Our destiny offers not the cup of despair,
but the chalice of opportunity.
——Richard Nixon(美国总统尼克松)
21、Miracles sometimes occur, but one has to work terribly for them.
——C. Weizmann(爱尔兰总统魏茨曼)
22、It never will rain roses.
When we want to have more roses we must plant trees.
——G. Eliot(英国小说家艾略特)
23、If you have great talents, industry will improve them;
if you have but moderate abilities, industry will supply their deficiency.
——Joshuas Reynolds(美国散文家雷诺兹)
24、Great works are performed not by strength , but by perseverance.
——Samuel Johnson(英国作家和评论家约翰逊)
25、Genius only means hard-working all one"s life.
26、Few things are impossible in themselves; and it is often for want of will ,
rather than of means, that man fails to succeed.
——(La Racheforcauld(法国作家罗切福考尔德)
27、Dare and the world always yields.
If it beats you sometimes, dare it again and again and it will succumb.
——W.M Thackeray(英国小说家萨克雷)
28、All that you do, do with your might; t
hings done by halves are never done right.
——R.H. Stoddard(美国诗人斯托达德)
29、A man can fail many times,
but he isn"t a failure until he begins to blame somebody else.
30、You can tell the ideals of a nation by its advertisements.
——Norman Douglas(英国作家道格拉斯)
31、The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today.
——Franklin Roosevelt(美国总统罗斯福)
32、The man with a new idea is a crank until the idea succeeds.
——Mark Twain(美国作家马克?吐温)
33、The important thing in life is to have a great aim,
and the determination to attain it.
——Johann Wolfgang von Goethe(德国诗人、剧作家歌德)
34、Most of the trouble in the world is caused by people wanting to be important.
——George Eliot(英国小说家艾略特)
35、If you doubt yourself,
then indeed you stand on shaky ground.
36、Ideal is the beacon. Without ideal,
there is no secure direction; without direction ,there is no life.
没有方向,就没有生活。 ——Leo Tolstory(俄国作家托尔斯泰)
37、Ideal are like the stars ——- we never reach them ,
but like mariners , we chart our course by them.
——Carl Schurz(美国政治家舒尔茨)
38、Have an aim in life, or your energies will all be wasted.
——R. Peters(美国法学家彼得斯)
39、Don"t part with yourxxxs, When they are gone you may still exist,
but you have ceased to live.
——Mark Twain(马克 吐温)
40、Do not, for one repulse,
give up the purpose that you resolved to effect.
——Willian Shakespeare(莎士比亚)
41、Between the ideal and the reality,
Between the motion and the act, Fall the shadow.
——Thomas Stearns Eliot(T.S.爱略特)
42、A man is not old as long as he is seeking something.
A man is not old until regrets take the place of dreams.
——J. Barrymore(巴里穆尔)
43、Change as change is mere flux and lapse; it insults intelligence. Genuinely to know is to grasp a permanent end that realises itself through changes.

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