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I do not know the taste of separation is so bleak, I do not know to say goodbye so strong.

Forever young years, we slowly grow old, you will find a playful spirit, is a matter of pride.

Fear of what the distance involved. Go one step further step in the landscape, the further step of joy. Happiness, on the road.

Fearless alone.Because in this world, there must be a person, working hard towards you.

Like warmth and the silence of the sun through the green leaves, like water pouring down.

There is always a cry, people instantly grow up.

In many cases, a lot of things, able to get the desired outcome, the wrong people, time is fate.

The moment you want to give up, think about why did insist to come here.

Confused, the firm said to myself, was the dream, I remember.

I do not know go where, but I have been on the road.

Happiness after the easy road is as it should. - «Ear to listen»

In the vast sea, meet, know each otherspend,whetheranyonewillnotbesmoothandonlyonewillingtopay toknow how grateful heart, in order to have a lifetime of love and happiness.

Growth, yes the the powers of the of each the child"s, is also the the the journey of of they must pass through, as or as flat, or rugged, there are joys and sorrows, there are clutch ...

Do not worry, the best always in the most casual

Many times over the past always seems better because we added too many gorgeous pieces into.

Life is like a road, need to be patient. Walked out of the bustling landscape, maybe it will in the desolate.

We should strive to be a lovely person.Who do not complain, do not laugh at who does not envy who, under the sun bright, the wind and rain, run, do their own dreams, goits own way.

You can not change yesterday, but if you worry too much about tomorrow, will be destroyed today.

Do not cry because it is over, smile on you.

Girls like to laugh, luck is not too bad.

Some days, like the moment is so short, some days, like forever as long.

Chinchillas, how do you "pass through" ! ?

Do not forget to promise what I do, do not forget the promised myself to go, no matter how difficult, how far.

The real beauty, youthful face, but the bloom of the soul.

The dream will not escape, will run away is always.

Sometimes, God does not want to give you, not because you do not deserve, but because you deserve better.

Not because there is no best returns will not pay, not because there is no perfect outcome is not.

I"m not sure of my direction, but I hope I can take a further step. - «Kiki"s Delivery Service»

Forgive, and the depth of love, how much love there are that many to forgive.

Believe me, we can be happier, because innocence is just an attitude.

Pain and frustration, so that the weak more weak, strong and stronger!

At some point, you have to realize that some people can stay in your heart, but it does not appear in your life.

Incurable pain, no not the end of the sink, all the lost will be returned in another way.

Mature first step is to learn to accept.

Hope itself is a blessing, perhaps the world has given us the greatest happiness.

In many cases, not because the thing it is difficult that we fear, but because we fear they would feel It"s really hard.

Can not bear pain, and had lost sight of happiness.

Unless you and the real own peace to get along, otherwise you will never be satisfied with what has.

英文美句宫崎骏 宫崎骏电影经典台词英文版




We have no choice but to prevail in the

world from this flu starting. - Hayao Miyazaki On "On Your Mark"
We use the drugs, sports, athletics, or religion to avoid the concern of reality. - Hayao Miyazaki On "On Your Mark"
Even in the hatred and killing, there are still some things worthy of people whom live. A beautiful encounter, or to the existence of beautiful things. We depict hatred, in order to describe more important things. We describe curse is to describe the joy of liberation. - "Princess Mononoke" planning books
Mongols relied on grass for a living, and a variety of bio-eating grass, and then one will obtain from the biological body of salt, meat and leather. Corpses of dead creatures go to the other species, to the earth, and nourish the grass. Mongols in this huge life-cycle system of the food chain and survive, but also see their own existence. Compared with their spiritual life, we now face is how the spirit of the poor? - Hayao Miyazaki talk about "Princess Mononoke" ( "Japan Digest")
When I decided to become an animator, I was determined to never copied anyone.
Our children are born in an AIDS and drugs all over the world, who would know that there are some other something else. Even if the world"s population of some 10 billion, we will still survive - we may be uneasy, struggling, screaming, but it will still be alive.
When I started doing, "Warriors of the Wind", my view is a point of extinction; when it ended, my view is a kind of co-existence point of view. It can not be too arrogant. We must realize that we are just a number of species on this planet, a small species. If we want humanity to survive another thousand years, and now we must create an environment for it. That is what we are trying to do things.
Hayao Miyazaki talk about Japan"s current education:
There is not a cat who grew up around cats, grow up themselves gave birth to kittens, kittens climbing out of a nest, it nervously Diao their children back. Gradually increasing the range of activities kitten, but it is to find ways Diao them back. In the end, cats simply do not listen to its words, and it even mad, mad rush in the house died. (From the "starting point • the country"s future - Hayao Miyazaki and Tetsuya Tsukushi"s right to talk about")
"This is an ability to fight without weapons and ultra-adventure story, it describes is not the struggle of justice and evil, but good and evil staggered society how to survive. To study the human love, give full play to their wisdom, the ultimate Chihiro back to the human society, but it is not because she was completely defeated the evil, but because she was digging out the implication of the vitality of its own sake. The Japanese society is now more and more ambiguous, likes and dislikes is hard to determine, using animated characters to the world of about the reasons of life and strength, that is what I considered when making the film 。"--(" Spirited Away "Miyazaki Hayao)

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我们别无选择,只能从这个流感盛行的世界出发。——宫崎骏谈《On Your Mark》
we have no choice but begin with this world in which the influenza is widespread.
我们用毒品、体育竞技或宗教等逃避对现实的关注。——宫崎骏谈《On Your Mark》
we escape from the attention on the relality with dugs, athletics, or religion.
there are something which is worth living for, such as a wonderful meeting or an existance for beautiful things, even we live in hate and killing.
Mongolian live on the grass. various creatures eat the grass, and human gain the salt, meat and fur from these creatures.The dead bodies of creatures are absorbed by other creatures, the earth and the grass. Mongolian struggle for their lives in this huge food chain and life-circle, thereby seeing the existance of their own. compared with their spiritual lives, our spiritual life are so dull.
when I decide to become a cartoon maker, I determ not to copy others".
our children are borned in a world choked with HID and drugs. who konws whether there are something others? even though the population of this world attains 10 billion, we will survive. maybe we will be anxious, or we will struggle or scream, however, we still can survive.
when I began to do the , my point of view was an extinct one, but when this cartoon was finished, my point of view is a compatible one. human can not be too arrogant. we should know that we are only a small species in this planet which is filled with numerous species. If we expect another thousands of years for living in this earth, we need to creat an environment for this purpose.that is what we are tying to do now.
there was a female cat which has never lived with her mother. when she grows up, she also gives a birth to a her baby, and if her baby leave its hole, she will get her baby back. gradually, her baby"s range of actibity expands day by day, but she still trys to get her baby back. eventually, her baby are not obedient to her, and are driven to mad, dying in a desperate running.

“这是一个没有武器和超能力打斗的冒险故事,它描述的不是正义和邪恶的斗争,而是在善恶交错的社会里如何生存。学习人类的友爱,发挥人本身的智慧,最终千寻回到了人类社会,但这并非因为她彻底打败了恶势力,而是由于她挖掘出了自身蕴涵的生命力的缘故。现在的日本社会越来越暧昧,好恶难辨,用动画世界里的人物来讲述生活的理由和力量,这就是我制作电影时所考虑的。”——(《千与千寻》 宫崎骏)

it is an adventure stroy without any weapon and fighing with super power. it does not decribe the fighting between justice and evil, but teach people how to survive in the society in which justice and evil coexist. learning human"s love, using human"s intelligence, 千寻 ultimately return human"s society. That is not because she defeats the evil things thoroughly, but because she is successful to exploit her own vitality which is concealed in her body. the Japanese society are becoming more and more ambiguous and paradoxical. So, when i am making my film, my consideration is telling the reasons and strengths of the life by using characters in my animation world.

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